Creating the agenda
I’ve been doing some pondering about what I’ll do with staff on the first day back. I’ve ran across some interesting post that discuss the whole staff meeting question and what the meeting should contain.Zoe Branigan-Pipe has some good comments about our need to remember that, if we expect teachers to engage students then, as administrators, we’d better be doing the same with the teachers in our buildings.

George Couros has some ideas about developing a collaborative environment and shared leadership that are important to remember.

Another fellow Sask administrator, Mr. Bircher, discusses his plans for the year and how he will be looking at the use of technology within the school. I like his plans!

What will you be doing? For me, I’ve not quite decided as I am in a new school and I have the opportunity of bringing two school staffs together into a new school building. I’ll be doing some planning and writing as I work through the how, why, when and where of what I’m going to do. I do know that I will be hosting a bbq after our first day back at school for the staff and their spouses. Better make sure I have enough propane!