Index Ventures Joins $1M+ Seed Round Backing Mobile Education Platform … – TechCrunch

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Index Ventures Joins $1M+ Seed Round Backing Mobile Education Platform …
Index Ventures recently backed the computing education-focused hardware startup Kano – via one of its partners, Saul Klein.

Kelly Christopherson‘s insight:

Do we need a platform for mobile learning? 

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Educational New Year’s Resolution: Embrace Social Media Now

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Educational New Year’s Resolution: Embrace Social Media or get Left Behind

Kelly Christopherson‘s insight:

The author makes a good case for the need for educators – and education – to embrace social media sites such as twitter. But are there negatives that aren’t mentioned that people should take into consideration?  #skedchat 

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Life-long Learning



I’m back! Yes, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been making the shift back to life in academia. To say it was smooth would be a complete lie! It’s taken me a while to adjust to academic writing and to some of the readings. It’s not that I didn’t read but delving back into Jurgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Antonio Gramsci, Henry Giroux, Paulo Freire and others was a bit of an adjustment as was getting back to being in an online class environment, commenting, sharing and building rapport with others through the online discussions. 

Now that I’ve established a bit of a routine and am settling into things, I’ve had a chance to take a breath. A few takeaways that I have so far:

1. The in-person courses haven’t really changed much. 

2. Textbooks are still way to expensive – when will be get to have an online options that isn’t for just a semester! 

3. Lecture is still the primary mode of delivery. 

4. I want to know what is expected because I need a specific mark.

5. Asking me to connect what I’m doing to school doesn’t  make it happen – it’s a bit more complicated than that!

 Bonus – the power dynamics are even more obvious now. Wow!

In a nutshell, although it’s been a while, it’s very much the same as the last two times.